Combo Ticket for Papuma Beach and Watu Ulo Jember Soon

Minggu, 19 September 2021 - 06:56
Combo Ticket for Papuma Beach and Watu Ulo Jember Soon An exotic view at Papuma Beach, Jember. (Photo: Doc. TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES CIREBON, JEMBER – The local government of Jember trying to attract more visitors to their two iconic places,Papuma Beach and Watu Ulo. This will give such a benefit to the locals for they could kill two bird with one stone. This idea was stated by the Mayor of Jember Hendy Siswanto at Pendapa Wahyawibawagraha on Friday (17/9/2021). 

Towards this issue, Hendy will contact the local Perhutani and the management of both attraction. "If everything goes well, the contract will be sign by next week," Hendy said.

Not only Papuma Beach and Watu Ulo, the mayor also planned to integrate another tourist destinations such as Tancak Waterfall and Tujuh Bidadari Waterfall. "We will make sure this integrated facilities could be enjoyed by the end of 2021," Hendy added.

Bupati-Hendi.jpgThe Mayor of Jember Hendy Siswanto (center) after a meeting with Perhutani. (Photo: Arip Ripaldi/TIMES Indonesia)

In addition, Hendy and all the management  will improve the accommodation and facilities they have on the attractions to make the visitors more comfortable with it. They will fix everything and make those tourist destination shine and able to attract more visitors. He and his team will work on the infrastructure especially the road access.

Meanwhile, Berthus Sudarmeidi, the GM Ekowisata Jatim, Perum Perhutani Tourism Division likely welcome the idea with happiness. "We will think of the perfect agreement what needs to do and done," he said.

He also explained that the mayor of Jember will add some more facilities like more parking spots for Watu Ulo and Papuma Beach. All these facilities will make these places becomes a worth place to visit during your weekend. (*)

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